Nashville Demo Works FAQ

Here are the easy steps to getting your song recorded by Nashville Demo Works studios and musicians. You write a great song and Submit your song using our song submission form.


Listen and Choose a Singer From The Site. Then You Provide:


  1. Song Information
  2. A Quality Finished Work-Tape In MP3 Format
  3. Your personal Contact information including Name, Reachable Phone #, Address, PayPal info And E-Mail
  4. A basic description of your song and how you hear the demo sounding. Include the genre, Male or Female and any relevant examples of popular songs this demo may “Sound Like”.


After You Submit Your Song


Once you have submitted your song, you will be contacted by a NDW producer to talk about the production plan for your track. If the song is a full scale demo then you will get a spot on the next production day. If your song is a guitar/piano vocal, then the we will begin the process of finding the right players and start building your track.


The Production Day


On Production day you will have a time slot and have 36 minutes for tracking the instruments to your song. We encourage you to be online via our live feed to participate in the tracking session. Usually the players will rehearse it a few times, get a great take and then fix and overdub on that track.


The Vocal Session


Once tracking is complete we will schedule a vocal session with your vocalist of choice. Once again we love to have the writer online or present in the studio so we can make sure you get exactly what you want. The singer will track lead vocals and back ground vocals.


The Song Goes to Mix


Finally the song goes to mix. Using the direction and ideas laid out from our pre-production meeting, one of our mixing engineers will take your song to the next level with a professional Nashville quality mix.


Finished Work Tape


A low-quality recording that is still clear enough to understand all lyrics and hear all musical changes. This recording should be correct from start to finish as to the way you want your demo to turn out.


Pre-Production Meeting


This will be a 20-30 minute phone call between you (Writer) and your producer. You will discuss the ideas anddirection of your demo indetail.




This includes any instrument recordings that are done post-tracking session. This is done to save time and keep pace during tracking. Usually this will include Mandolin, Strings, specialty drum loops, etc..

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