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What is Nashville Demo Works?


NDW is a music production company and recording studio based here in Nashville, Tennessee. Nashville Demo Works is every songwriter’s direct link to music recording using Nashville’s talented music professionals. More than that, we are a collective of producers, demo singers, songwriters, mix engineers and mastering engineers in Nashville and beyond looking to share our talents with the world.


We want to give songwriters all around the world the ability to record their songs, in Nashville. We do this by allowing songwriters, wherever they are, to direct the recording of their song via live feed from our studio here in Berry Hill.


We are available for hire to record everything from demos to full length records. Record Music with Nashville Demo Works Now.

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Danny Lee Dunn
Katie Cole
Leslie Harter
Cali Tucker
Brandon Chase
Bobby Holland
Matt Dame
Megan Conner
Sean Power
Thomas Doeve
Tiffany Goss
Veronica Leigh