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Record Your Album or EP

$1,000 – $1,500 Per Song (On Average)


Nashville Demo Works doesn’t just do demos! Far from it. We actually make lots of EP’s and full length albums for talented artists in many different genres. With all of our uniquely talented producers on our team, you are sure to find a producer that will take you or your band to the next level. Costs for Album projects vary depending on the budget and the producer you choose.

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Record A Vocal With A Demo Singer

$275 Per Song (Includes Studio and Singer)


Many clients around the country like to build their own tracks for demos, but they still like to access our large roster of awesome demo singers. It’s simple. You choose the singer. We run the recording session and you have the ability to listen in and produce the lead vocal and BGVs via our LIVE FEED. Then we send the WAV files back to you. We also offer vocal editing and tuning as well if needed.

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Record A High Quality Demo

$350 – $1,000


Nashville Demo Works has a different idea of what it should mean to “record a demo” for your song. These days more and more, as songwriters, we have two options when pitching a song. Option one: Give it to them on a “Silver Platter”. Make a “Master” quality recording that sounds like it already belongs on the radio. If you have the right song, and you have the money, this is the way to go. But for the majority of songs, there is.. Option two: Give them something unique! The old wives’ tale about A/R guys “hearing through worktapes” is just that, a wives’ tale. They don’t hear through a bad production or bad singer any better than anyone else.

Song pitching these days is as much about creative production as it is about songwriting. Sad, but true. So our new “songwriter demo” allows you to pick one of our producers to work with and build you a track that is cool, unique and doesn’t break the bank. It will help your song to stand out against the rest.

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Hire A Songwriter

$350 Per Song


Over the last few years since we opened, we’ve had the chance to work with many of the best hit songwriters in Nashville. We also have come to realize that many of our clients from around the country want to write with Nashville’s finest. So we now offer a new service that allows you to hire any of our songwriters to do a writing session via skype or in person, here in Nashville. Prices vary depending on songwriter.

Hire a Song Writer


$150 – $400 Per Song (Demo – Master)


If you have already produced your album or demo and just need a great mix, we’ve got your guy! Regardless of your genre or budget NDW has a large collection of great mix engineers who can get your project sounding perfect.

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$125 Per Song


Here at Nashville Demo Works, we have two in-house mastering engineers and also work in conjunction with many of the best in Nashville.

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