How To Make A Proper “Worktape” After Writing Your Song

How To Make A Proper “Worktape” After Writing Your Song

It’s important after you finish writing your song to immediately record a work tape.

A “work tape” is a slang term for a rough recording done immediately after you have finished writing a song. Usually work tapes are low quality and made using a phone or computer program.


There really is no perfect way to make a worktape. But it does help if you can make it as high quality as possible. Work tapes are not a recording you should pay money to record. They are simply a recording done so that the song exists officially for the first time in the form of music.


The only thing to remember is that you want to record the song correctly. If you mess up, take the time to start over and get it right. It’s very easy to assume that you will remember later on that you didn’t do it correctly but if you write a lot of songs, it’s actually very easy to forget.


Work tapes do not need to be perfect, that being said there are some tools that will help you make decent sounding recordings of your song for cheap.



Every iphone as well as other smart phones come with a voice memo application. You can use this to record a live recording of your song after you write it.




Garageband is a program that comes free with every mac computer. If you are not at all familiar with music recording software, you can spend an hour or so and learn how to use this program. It will record directly through the microphone on your computer. If you want to bump up the quality of this recording you can purchase you a third party USB microphone. These usually cost somewhere between $50 and $200. You plug it in to the USB port on your computer, then garageband will recognize it and you choose that microphone as your sound input. This will give you higher quality of sound as you play and sing your song.

Mp3 recorders


There are many different types of mp3 recorder you can purchase. They are hand held devices that work just like a tape recorder. You press record and when you finish performing your song, it turns the data into an mp3. From there you can add it to your computer for storage and safe keeping.