Kayliann Lowe

kayliann lowe

Kayliann Lowe

My name is Kayliann. It’s kind of a ridiculously easy name to pronounce, so I’ll sound it out with you. KAY-lee-ANN. I have a tendency to ramble. I live in Music City USA (Nashville, TN). I love everything about this big, small town minus the summer heat. I’m not a fan of the humidity. I don’t like being hot because it makes me sticky and I start to sweat. Sick. I do like food though. No, that is an understatement. I Love Food. I kind of obsess over what I’m going to have for dinner while I’m still eating lunch. I also enjoy pluralizing words. For example, right now, I’m hungrys. (But seriously, I am hungrys.)

Besides rambling, I also play the Violin. And the Piano. And the Banjos (Plectrum and 5-string). And the Mando. And the Irish Pennywhistle. Which costs more than a penny. And sometimes I even break out the Irish Bodhran when I feel like watching someone dance a jig. Which is pretty frequent because…

I grew up on the stage. Literally. I am a proud product of a production variety show. (www.9Lowes.com) I had my first violin solo at 14 months. When I was done, I turned around and bowed backwards to the audience, diaper and all. I’ve got it on tape. Epic. So far, I’ve performed in every state except for one. (I’m comin for ya!) I also went to China a few times. It was so hot my eyeballs started sweating. Remember how I don’t like to sweat? Their 3 story Wal-Marts are pretty cool though. I’d go back again in a heartbeat! With a portable fan. 🙂

When I have something to say, I write a song. Needless to say, I write A LOT of songs. (Though I guess it wasn’t too needless if I had to say it.) I, along with every other songwriter, call them my musical babies. It’s magic hearing a song you write come to life in the studio. I have a habit of using a Cockney accent when I’m in between takes. The engineers won’t say, but they secretly love my alter ego. I think…

Bottom Line. I. LOVE. MUSIC. Whether I’m on the stage, in the studio, singing at the Bluebird Cafe, or writing on Music Row, music is my life. Now it’s your turn. Spill the beans. Tell me about your awesome self!